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Pneumatic motor

Pneumatic mixer (electric)

Pneumatic mixing drum (tank)

Pneumatic fan

Pneumatic drum machine

Pneumatic crane (electric crane)

Paint mixing system integration

Pneumatic gear pump

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    Enterprise spirit: hard work, modesty, focus, cooperation and gratitude

    Customer philosophy: customer first, let customers save trouble, worry and effort is our ultimate goal

    Business purpose: quality first, customer first, relying on science and technology and sustainable operation

    Enterprise mission: provide high-quality equipment for large, medium and small enterprises through scientific and technological innovation and product innovation, and help domestic and overseas production enterprises reduce product loss and production cost.

    Development concept: provide customers with a full set of equipment solutions to realize one-stop service

    Profit philosophy: no merit, no merit

    Talent concept: it can be reused with virtue and talents, and it can be cultivated without virtue and talents; Those who have talent but no virtue should be used with caution, and those who have no virtue but no talent should be rejected;



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