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Pneumatic motor (usage, operation and maintenance)

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1. Under no-load test, gas pressure of pneumatic motor shall control at.1-0.5Mpa for no more than 30 seconds to avoid damage to machine parts due to insufficient lubrication during high-speed running.
Before connecting air hose with pneumatic motor, it is necessary to blow off moisture and dirt in piping system by gas.
3. When pneumatic motor is working, to make performance meet with design requirement, it is necessary to guarantee its working pressure between 0.5-0.7Mpa.
4. Piping system shall be equipped with gas-water separator, atomized lubricator, and lubricating oil shall adopt machine oil of 20#-30#, and drop of atomized lubricator is  80-100 drops/minute.
5. During usage, if any faults or unusual sound is found, it is necessary to immediately stop to check. 
6. Pneumatic motor shall be regulary overhauled according to service condition to extend its service life, and normally, overhaul period is 3-6 months.
7. Troubleshooting of common fault





Output power is sharply decreasing.

Blade is seriously damaged.

1. Fuel-cut or fuel-starvation
2. Air is not clean.

3. After long-term usage

1. Check fuel feeder to keep it lubrication; 2.Put filter in front of air compressor; 3.Replace blade

Front and rear end caps are severely damaged

1. Bearings wearing down,rotor axially floating;
2 Wrong choice of bushing

1. Replace bearing2.Replace bushing

Stator inner bore longitudinal wave tank

1. Insert rotor in mud and sand soil;2. Long-term use

Replace and repair stator

Blade broken

horn mouth of rotor blade groove is too large

Replace rotor

Blade is jammed

interval of blade groove is inappropriate or deformed

Replace blade

Output power is insufficient

1. Low air pressure;
2. Closure or blocking due to diameter of air supply pipe being too small; 3. Slow exhaust

1. Check pressure between 0.5-0.7Mpa

2、Check pipe and its accessories to guarantee that diameter meets with technical requirement
3、 Check main and auxiliary air exhaust piping to guarantee that diameter is larger than inlet diameter

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