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Motor: future should seek steady and sustainable growth of the return on investment

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"I think now the leaseback type hotel apartment is a product model change, if you don't change of words, this product is now will probably meet sales difficulties." Motor analysis, as an investment product, itself bring investment returns the value in what place, is mainly embodied in two aspects, the first one is the stability of the products and how to realize value sexual. The second is the product property must be able to follow the era.
To introduce the hotel brand, motor imagery, hotel actually like luxury, in addition to our familiar LV, GUCCI, and many luxury brand is we don't know. So, in addition to the Hilton, intercontinental these hotel, Europe has a lot of quality very good hotel. The person that buy a house should be from the actual income to consider the value of the hotel. The so-called mode innovation, is a little too big value of the land into valuable land.
In the real estate investment, motor with personal experience do share. "I think investment is beginning to happen a lot of change, used to be the investment era, we are very HIGH, and the house can earn money. And I think this time may not to come again, the investment is turning into a steady investment. For a professional analysis ability of investment for the guest, will seek stable, and will continue to increase the return on investment.


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