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Pneumatic motor muffler research

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Muffler is installed in the air power equipment gas flow path or the intake and exhaust system of reducing the noise of the device. Muffler can stop the sound waves, allowing air flow, is an effective tool to control noise. The muffler used in chemical laboratory system, can effectively solve the exhaust noise problem.
Pneumatic motor noise mainly comes from the following three aspects:
1) periodic exhaust noise;
2) parts don't balance produced by the mechanical noise;
3) intake in the process of air intake noise.
Among them, especially in the exhaust noise is the most outstanding. To this kind of noise take the noise elimination measures roughly divided into two kinds:
1) external silencer.
But this method can make the motor volume increase.
2) in silencing structure.
It is the rotor vent and shell vent stagger the certain position, avoid direct air exhaust and noise to spread, not only make the exhaust gas in the process of continuous expansion, gradually dropping, and the use of iron and steel is the sound insulation ability to make sound energy in the shell through multiple reflection and absorption and attenuation, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the noise. This structure makes pneumatic motor and muffling structure be in harmony an organic whole, overcome the external erase unit volume, structure complicated faults, but also has the advantages such as economic and durable.
So, for pneumatic motor for, in silencing structure is a kind of more ideal anechoic method.
At present, according to the relevant literature hole injection muffler has already been used in the power plant boiler exhaust, metallurgy industry in blast furnace snort, and other industrial enterprise high speed air emissions, noise reduction effect is ideal. But these muffler volume is too big, not suitable for installation in drilling. Pneumatic motor exhaust port according to the drilling process characteristics, in the design of muffler should also consider the following factors:
First, the silencer length shoulds not be too long, volume shoulds not be too large, weight should not be overweight.
Second, muffler should be safe, stable, easy to install.
Third, muffler should have pressure resistance, material to solid, easy to carry, easy to maintenance.
Fourth, does not reduce the power equipment.


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