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Flow pattern inside mixing equipment depends on way of mixing

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Flow pattern inside mixing equipment depends on way of mixing.  Geometrical characteristics of mixer, kettle, and resisting shield, etc, fluid nature and rotation speed, etc, as a general rule, when mixing shaft is installed at the center of kettle, there will be three kinds of basic flow patterns: 1. tangential flow, 2. axial flow (b and c in figure), 3. radial flow (a, d, e, and f in figure). Normally, the above mentioned three kinds exist at same time. Of which, axial flow and radial flow play main role in mix, while, it is necessary to restrain tangential flow, which can be weakened by inserting resisting shield, so as to increase axial flow and radial flow.
As shown in the left figure, different type and diameter of oar exert serious influence on flow type. In the figure, b and c are axial flow, however, adoption of large-diameter PBT oar blade or increase of fluid viscosity will change flow type to radial flow. Furthermore adoption of multi-layer PBT oar will make every oar to generate radial flow.


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