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China pneumatic tools has been gradually strong market is valued

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From the broad sense, pneumatic tools mainly is the use of compressed air driven pneumatic motor and foreign output kinetic energy a tool for their work, according to its fundamental mode can be divided into: 1) rotary (eccentric moving vane). 2) reciprocating (volumetric piston) general pneumatic tools is mainly composed of power output part, assignments are in the form of conversion, into the exhaust road, the operation of open and stop control parts, tools, such as shell, main part, of course, pneumatic tool operation must also have energy supply parts, air filtration and pneumatic control part and tool accessories, etc.
Pneumatic tools market by businessmen value, on the one hand, it is the technical requirements higher before, most of the products are mainly from the United States, Germany, Japan national introduction, hardware city on the field of the major products for the majority of Taiwan. And now, with the improvement of domestic production technology, like wenzhou, Shanghai some enterprises have introduced pneumatic tools products. The owner introduction, pneumatic tools use range is very wide, guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, fujian and other coastal provinces and cities assembly industry, mechanics, in transportation and yongkang the scooter, electric bicycle, motorcycle assembly and car repair shop and some assembly line work enterprise and manufacturers are using the pneumatic tools, such as I yes xingyue, yu, induce self-limiting, and other enterprises. The pneumatic tools are widely used in electric tools are not convenient to use place, such as carpentry, ZhiSuoYe, gas stations, chemical industry and so on. Plus after-sales service to keep up with, dispel the previous concerns, pneumatic tools XiaoShi further stability.
The use of pneumatic tools and power tools, or greater than, it is the small and exquisite, long life, high safety, and more can save energy. The overall situation is concerned, its variety specification is relatively complete, such as wind chisel, gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc., but because of its market price in general than electric tools is high, it also became the pneumatic tools not generally be used up one of the main reasons. But according to manage door introduction, as domestic production technology improvement and mature, pneumatic tools prices will gradually decline.
Pneumatic tools main components, one of the main have pneumatic motor and power output gear composition, it depend on high pressure of the compressed air blows motor blade and make the motor rotor rotation, foreign output rotary motion, and through the gear drive the whole operation form part of the transformation of sports. According to the stator and rotor is concentric, pneumatic motor can be divided into concentric motor and eccentric motor; According to the number of air inlet how many, can be divided into the single air inlet motor, double air inlet motor and air inlet motor, etc.


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