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Machinery industry: iron ore enterprises or tax cuts will be neutral

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The mechanical industry research abstract 】
1. Electric forklift truck will have platinum era
Energy conservation and environmental protection concept has been deeply all walks of life, in the field of engineering machinery, electric forklift increasing market demand. Although at present electric forklift and traditional internal-combustion forklift compared with combined market share is still small, but in view of environmental protection and energy saving industry to expand and its competitive advantage is more and more obvious, the expected future electric forklift truck will have sharply increased and electric forklift platinum era has arrived.
2. Iron ore enterprise or tax cuts
Reportedly, the domestic iron ore class enterprise tax cuts has been completed, and once through the audit, to realize the comprehensive enterprise tax rate at 25% on the basis of 10-15% decrease. Letter from the work of operational monitoring expanded to know, the department did to iron ore class enterprise comprehensive tax carries on the investigation and study, but the specific measures to departments of finance and taxation finalized. At present domestic enterprises will be a ton of iron ore processing to fine powder cost about 700 yuan, if the tax, 10% will be for related ore enterprises reduce the cost 70 yuan/ton, thickening of the great profit of enterprise. Source: China machinery network
3. October excavator sales statistics: weak demand, four quarter difficult to recover
According to statistics, in October 2012, and home main excavator manufacturers total sales of 5921 units, excavator fell 33.64% year-on-year, link up 0.27%. Industry 1 - October total sales of 101821, down 36.43% year-on-year. At present the dealer collection situation is still not improved, stock excavator utilization and work hours has not yet have rebounded, expected to inventory turn in the fourth quarter will continue.


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