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Construction machinery industry collective "put the clock back" mechanical giant performance steep slide

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In 2012 three quarterly report shows, engineering machinery industry is the collective "put the clock back". Data shows, sany, zoomlion, liugong, xugong, hill pushed shares, xiamen industry six major company in the third quarter of income growth fell by 4.9% on average, profit growth fell even faster. The third quarter, the industry only two companies to achieve revenue growth. The first three quarters, the industry only 1 companies achieve revenue and profit ShuangZengChang. At the same time inventory absolute value, accounts receivable to rise sharply, the cash flow stress situation arise.

6 companies account receivable increased by 54%

All the nations in the ShenYin to sany etc six representative company analysis found that profitability decline, costs rise, the accounts receivable up is the common characteristic of construction machinery industry.
Jinan person YuXiaoJiang (a pseudonym) is seeking this month rent two of his 46 m sany production pump truck. And he said, now the market is still can keep running, but next upturn, he will expand his pump truck team.
Although the current economic downturn, but in the mechanical engineering and economic boom of closely related industry, there are a lot of people's opinions and YuXiaoJiang similar.
Sany President XiangWenBo when being interviewed by the media said, predicts the third quarter of next year, China's construction equipment industry will be fully recovery. He thinks that, China's infrastructure, including roads, airports and sewage treatment systems are in urgent need of improvement, in the next two years to 30 years, more investment is a foregone conclusion.
In 2012 three quarterly report reveals the present problems in the industry. Sany three quarterly report shows that the industry leading company in the third quarter before sales income is 40.7 billion yuan, down 1.5%, net income for 5.874 billion yuan, down 23.4%. At the same time, the company accounts receivable at the end of the third quarter increased 83.11% to 20.7 billion yuan, the equivalent of about one and a half of the third quarter revenue. Inventory and interest payment also corresponding growth, including inventory amount to 9.93 billion yuan.
The industry's roughly similar situation. Sany, zoomlion, liugong, xugong, hill pushed shares, xiamen industry 6 companies the third quarter financial costs accounted for the proportion of income rise, inventory absolute quantity grows 1.2%, accounts receivable increased by 54%.
Small manufacturers three to five years or close the door
The macro economic boom of changes, especially in the field of investment in fixed assets change is the boom of industry the main reason for the decline.
Liugong President zeng Ann on October 23, on a BBS about excavator of this industry. He said, the enterprise high inventory, the agent the money collecting difficulties, survival pressure big, excess capacity, industry malignant competition is restricted the development of the industry.
Zeng said Ann, like sany and zoomlion such big enterprise with strong strength can overcome all problems, but many small manufacturers in the next three to five years will be forced to close the door.
Continuous years of investment in fixed assets to be cooling. In the summer of 2009, fixed assets investment the year-on-year growth rate of 33%, and in the first three quarters of this year, the rate of decline to 20.5%.
At present, the industry has the same situation. In some indexes of area, such as excavator industry, sales have been continuous 15 months appear negative growth. Excess production capacity, market saturation, excessive loose sales policy caused the credit risks of the clients all successive exposure.
Pump car rent down nearly 20%
Price one million yuan pump truck, usually reimbursement for a period of one year or two years. The rent is too low, buy pump truck users will appear "break for".
YuXiaoJiang in ordos, changchun, etc have pump truck, to a total of more than ten department, is still active in the site.
It is reported, sany this kind of enterprise for pump truck users with 20% ~ 30% down payment mortgage loan guarantee. Some other pump truck users said, can actually have lower down payment proportion. Foreign companies such as caterpillar, Japan komatsu in China construction machinery market (such as shovel, loader, etc) occupy a certain share, but the share is as careful customer credit policy and reduction.
According to the YuXiaoJiang said, now a 46 m pump truck, in some mountainous environment can achieve the rent 100000 yuan a month, on the ground of the lease price lower. YuXiaoJiang said, in 2009, the golden age of 46 meters or more short pump car rental can reach 120000 yuan, now the rental return fell nearly 20%.
Not all of the pump car owners can smoothly carry out the business, pump car idle situation more and more frequent. A pump truck operators in online consult rent seeker, he has an annual output of 2008 47 meters zoomlion pump truck, has been idle for nearly a year.
To avoid repayment self-destruct machine loose credit policy is to support the engineering machinery products to maintain the size of the sales. Part of the analysts believe that such sales strategy risk.
The market of the new pump truck also backlog. Caterpillar said in the second quarter, due to the increasing customer loan defaults, the second quarter sales in China is far lower than the level of the same period in 2011.
Zeng Ann had earlier said, some excavator user to repayment burden, appear even for reimbursement from the destruction of the machine.
Trinity group disclosure of data show that in 2010 in concrete machinery sales, only 15.34% of the customers full payment, 21.62% of the customer payment, and 63.04% of the customer to choose or mortgage financing lease.
Engineering machinery sales structure reflected in the three quarterly report, is a big increase in accounts receivable. On the one hand installment customer accounts receivable increase, on the other hand, bank credit crunch also make their mortgage payments and financing lease can't timely loan. If demand no growth, excess may be will continue.
Concrete pump truck products in 2004 began to flourish in various site, but in the performance of listed companies to see, the real sales peak from 2009 to start, and in 2010 ~ 2011 top. This means that if demand not ascending, market, the equipment can run for a long time.
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