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  • Product name: NT-12
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  • Shelf time: 2012-11-30
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Brief introduction:
Air compressed fan provides perfect ventilation and exhaust solutions for factories, mines, and enterprises, including refineries, power plants, shipyards, paper-making and pulp mills, naval ships and iron and steel factories, having operators to go into access hole for operation.
Under any smoke occasions that may generate toxic, hazardous, flammable and poisonous gas, for example, entering into tower equipment, tank equipment, large-scale piping system or limit space to overhaul, it is necessary to exhaust such kind of hazardous gas.
Moreover, at such important place to be overhauled, we shall provide suitable ambient temperature for operators, we can provide efficient and light air compressed fan to generate a safe and healthy working environment to customer to enhance working efficiency.
Gas, hot air, coal gas, and smoke dust generated from welding can be quickly exhausted by our air compressed fan.


air fans
air fans(axial flow
pneumatic fan (axial flow) NT-8" NT-12" NT-18" NT-24"
diameter(mm) 200 300 450 600
air use pressure(Mpa) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
air exhaust rate(m3/h) 2160 2700 4400 5100
rotation speed(rpm/min) 2500 3000 3000 3000
gas consumption(m3/min) 0.58 0.85 2.2 2.2


Model Weight(kg) b f c d g
NT-8" 9 ¢263 273 190 ¢203 NPT-1/4
NT-12" 12 ¢364 374 243 ¢304 NPT-1/4
NT-18" 20 ¢517 527 305 ¢457 NPT-1/4
NT-24" 25 ¢669 679 335 ¢609 NPT-3/8
Air compressor connects 1/4" air duct to air inlet of fan