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General machinery electrical industry optimistic future growth

Date:2012年11月23日 16:04

Since this year, the metallurgical industry downturn, the company in the industry decline orders. But the company product structure adjustment, follow the market demand, in the coal chemical industry, energy, natural gas development in the new market. At present, the company is to develop natural gas storage equipment, as well as investment industrial gas supply.

There are some companies in the face of difficulties, in order to actively cope with state. Shanghai sword translation balance mechanism made co., LTD., although only set up eight years, but growing quickly. The company ChengZhenXiang told reporters in these years, every year they have a lot of exhibition, expanding new customers.

This exhibition their marketing to 10 people, accounting for more than half of the marketing personnel. And they are at human, material will be the product of the company's booth. Left-behind booth of every employee to visitors warm reception, and some other employees are holding company leaflets to send around.

As for the first time to the Taiwan enterprise constant pool international co., LTD., booth before also constantly have visitors stop. The company controller tells a reporter, at present in Shanghai and nanjing are built production base. The nanjing factory is new, an area of 20000 square meters.

Because the product is helpful to protect the environment, can be used in the factory waste gas, waste water treatment, so the two years in the development of the mainland is good. Since this year, the company performance although have also been affected, but in operating income will strive for to last year's level.

In liaoning huludao play yushan pump industry park at the promotion meeting, the reporter understands, in the first half of this year, the park investment promotion work have made new progress. Shenyang huaneng power plant pump manufacturing co., LTD., yangzhou jin instrument precision tube co., LTD. 15 enterprise agreement investment of 1.22 billion yuan.

At present the park has presented extending industrial chain, secondary and tertiary industries have complementary advantages, major investment increase gradually situation. Park planning to 2015, realize pump industry enterprise in the 200, the value of 10 billion yuan.

For since this year general machinery electrical industry operation condition, SuiYongBin evaluation said, now mechanical electrical appliance industry the industry overall difficulty, this year 1 ~ 6 months, our country mechanical electrical appliance industry to realize gross industrial output value 8.7 trillion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 12%.

General machinery electrical manufacturing industry, this year 1 ~ 6 months of growth rate of 14%, higher than the average level of mechanical electrical appliance industry. There are several main reason. First of all, power generation equipment demand of the larger decline.

Conventional thermal power equipment demand has dropped, the number of nuclear power plant construction although recent good news coming, just restart, but with the new national investment than ever before, the nuclear power plant project will reduce than before. In addition, the "1025" period, the country, the new great project much.

But from "1025" to the end of the future 78 situation analysis, the country is in construction and some new investment direction, and general machinery electrical industry attention.

As countries to oil and gas pipeline construction, large natural gas liquefaction engineering will be the future investment priority, and the coal chemical industry from a recent case, also has the good momentum of development, coal gasification, coal system oil there will be rapid growth.

The future China will also strengthen the construction of energy, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas etc on compressor, pump valve, air separation unit and fluid mechanical appliances have larger market demand.
Therefore, in the entire market decline in demand, fluid mechanical appliance market will still be able to maintain a certain degree of prosperity. The expected future general mechanical electrical industry will still maintain a stable growth.


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