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Machinery and equipment industry operation ability appear to improve

Date:2012年11月23日 16:02

Report from our correspondent according to Wind data statistics, many data are shown that third quarter machinery industry listed companies is still in the building of the bottom. Three quarterly report of sales gross profit margin was 21.28%, not only less than 21.53% of the center daily news, and less than 21.79% last year, Operating income year-on-year growth, three quarterly report for - 5.18%, is the center daily news - 4.79% continue to slide. Segmentation industry, five "all secondary son industry, net profit year-on-year growth below the center daily news of electrical equipment, instruments and meters, special equipment, including 3 instrument down the most severe, from the center daily news net profit year-on-year growth falling to 17.18% - 1.27%. Only the metal products, general machinery two secondary industry net profit growth conditions were improved when the center daily news, but it is also a drop decreases, and the former from center daily news - 59.79% to 46.36%, the latter by 23.41% by weak narrowed to 22.10%. Founder securities [4.08 0.25% guba research report] machinery industry PengMin senior analysts believe that this shows that the steady growth gradually move send force, the economy stabilises bring demand picks up conduction to mechanical equipment industry takes time. So far, most of the company performance is still not improved obviously, demand milder conduction to the mechanical industry need half a year time, expected industry in April 2013 and just visible to the improvement of the sales. However, from reflect the operation ability of some important indicators, it can be seen that mechanical equipment industry operating conditions are improving. Data show that the mechanical equipment industry inventory turnover ratio (integral method) are constantly improve, the center daily news only 1.2306 times, by three quarterly report increased to 1.7986 times, has been greatly close to last three quarterly report 1.9938 times. Receivable turnover (integral method), three quarterly report compared with the reported also rises greatly, three quarterly report is 2.1305 times, 1.4698 times the center daily news, also began to three quarterly report last year 2.7445 times close. Among them, the five secondary industry all inventory turnover ratio is accelerated, the most obvious is the instrument, the center daily news from 1.1951 times to improve three quarterly report 1.8675 times, speed up nearly 60%, other fruit industry inventory turnover ratio are also accelerate the 40% to 50%. In the accounts receivable turnover, improve the most obvious is also instruments. And general machinery inventory turnover and receivable turnover improvement situation in the end, show by demand picks up bring sales improve really needs a long time.

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