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Hardware knowledge: pneumatic hardware tools each part function is introduced

Date:2012年11月23日 16:00

Tool accessories
The tool accessories is refers to the installed in the body of the pneumatic tool directly with the direct contact with the tools, pneumatic triple a bear the task.
Pneumatic triple a mainly by the barometer, filters, oil mist device, voltage regulator components, including embedded in the filter element, in the use of a period of time after maintenance cleaning, change regularly; Such a compressed air no processing, direct access to pneumatic motor, it will lead to motor life shortens greatly, thus the whole tool power output deficiency, and is not stable, easy to cause the component such as motor serial damage phenomenon, therefore in the pipeline of compressed air to the pneumatic tool between, must set compressed air filter, adjusting device, including all kinds of pneumatic sleeve, jaw, conversion joint, head, etc.
Power output part
It is one of the main components of pneumatic tools, basically have pneumatic motor and power output gear composition, it depend on high pressure of the compressed air blows motor blade and make the motor rotor rotation, foreign output rotary motion, and through the gear drive the whole operation form part of the transformation of sports. According to the stator and rotor is concentric, pneumatic horse pneumatic motor can be divided into concentric motor and eccentric motor, according to the number of air inlet, how much can be divided into the single air inlet motor, double air inlet motor and air inlet motor, etc. Whatever the form of pneumatic motor, all depend on compressed air blows motor drive the rotor blade, motor blade in the high speed rotating, the time and the stator internal friction, it is most common in the motor of the vulnerable parts, so it to compressed air quality and compressed air whether containing oil molecular demanding.
Assignments are in the form of transformation
It mainly is the motor output rotation movement corresponding transformation. In the automotive industry, the way to thread connection is very much, most of the rotary motion, of course, also have linear reciprocating motion. For different types of pneumatic tools, assignments are in the form of transformation mainly divided into mechanical clutch and planetary gear set, friction plate clutch and planetary gear set, hydraulic oil cylinder, torsion bar and hammering block group, etc. Above parts are based on the rotary motion of the important component, it determines the pneumatic tightening tool torque size, speed speed, tighten the accuracy and other important parameters, because it kept clutch, pressure or torque change, so its components susceptible to damage.


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