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General machinery industry optimistic future growth will remain stable development momentum

Date:2012年11月23日 16:10

For since this year general machinery industry operation condition, SuiYongBin evaluation said, now machinery industry the industry overall difficulty, this year 1 ~ 6 months, China's machinery industry to realize gross industrial output value 8.7 trillion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 12%. General machinery manufacturing industry, this year 1 ~ 6 months of growth rate of 14%, higher than the average level of mechanical industry. There are several main reason. First of all, power generation equipment demand of the larger decline. Conventional thermal power equipment demand has dropped, the number of nuclear power plant construction although recent good news coming, just restart, but with the new national investment than ever before, the nuclear power plant project will reduce than before. In addition, the "1025" period, the country, the new great project much.

But from "1025" to the end of the future 78 situation analysis, the country is in construction and some new investment direction, and general machinery industry attention. As countries to oil and gas pipeline construction, large natural gas liquefaction engineering will be the future investment priority, and the coal chemical industry from a recent case, also has the good momentum of development, coal gasification, coal system oil there will be rapid growth. The future China will also strengthen the construction of energy, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas etc on compressor, pump valve, air separation unit fluid machinery, such as a large market demand. Therefore, in the entire market decline in demand, fluid machinery market will still be able to maintain a certain degree of prosperity. Expected future general machinery industry will still maintain a stable growth.

In general machinery industry 30 years of rapid development, SuiYongBin said that as countries the deepening of reform and opening up, in recent years the development of private enterprise quickly, the current domestic pump industry enterprise has increased to 2000, valve enterprise to achieve 4000, greatly satisfy the market demand. But in recent years, due to the improvement of equipment level, adjust the industrial structure, speed up the pace of industry enterprise independent innovation ability relative disrupted. To improve the enterprise independent innovation ability, will still be "1025" during industry faces a important task.

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